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The OC Homefinder Team is comprised of a number of area specialist's throughout Orange County. Each agent is a true area specialist. They live and work exclusively in the area that they represent, and are real estate guru's of their housing market. This is just one of the ways that the OC Homefinder Team set it's self apart from other real estate companies.

The broker for the OC Homefinder Team is Shan Roberts. With over 16 years of experience in Real Estate, Internet, Marketing and Lending, he lives, breathes and love this business.  As real estate grew into the digital age, Shan Roberts grew with it; taking his talent for internet & marketing and adapting it into real estate & lending. Our websites our designed to help you understand the home buying & selling process. Plus, providing you with all the tips and tricks needed in making a well-thought-out, smart, money saving transaction.

Please use all the tools, resources and information that this site has to offer. When you are ready to start working with an agent, we hope you will consider our team in representing you in sell or purchase of your home.  By using our site, we have already begun to help you with the process, now let the OC Homefinder Team take you through the final steps.





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What is a short sale

With Orange County's declining real estate market, it is no surprise that more and more homeowners are finding themselves "upside down" when they go to sell their homes, and, with the added nationwide mortgage crisis, several homeowners are also finding themselves unable to keep up with their increased mortgage payment and looking down the devastating road of foreclosure.

While many homeowners may be feeling hopeless about selling their homes or falling behind on mortgage payments, there are alternatives to Foreclosure such as, Loan Modification, Refinance your Loan, and Short Sale your Property. Banks are very aware of the declining market across the nation, and it's because of this most all the banks are willing to consider any of these options.

Our team of Short Sale specialists have the experience and knowledge to negotiate on your behalf with your bank to arrange a Loan Modification, Refinance, or do a Short Sale. But, timing is critical. Don't wait until the last minute to contact us. If you know that you're going to have to move soon, or know that you're going be falling behind in mortgage payments, contact us now.

Our experience, negotiating skills, and determination will help you get out of your mortgage debt problems and move on with your life in a stress free and efficient way. Let our vast expertise work to your advantage... and it's FREE to you. A quick call and a few questions can help us determine which is the best solution to fit your current situation. After we collect some basic information we can make an appointment for a Free in-home consultation to go over an effective plan of saving your home and/or avoiding foreclosure.

What is the Short Sale Process

The Short Sale process may vary, but there are a few very specific events that happen to make a successful Short Sale transaction close. These very crucial steps are as follows:


1) We need to get a "Release of Authorization" form signed by you. This form allows us to call your bank on your behalf to begin the Short Sale process.


2) The bank is then contacted to discuss the option and possibility of a Short Sale and determine what they require for a short sale package.


3) You will need to write a hardship letter explaining the financial duress you are experiencing. The lender may want to see financial documents such as, paystubs, bank statements, and any other financial records you have for review.


4) Submit the complete Short Sale package with a qualified offer and include the buyer's financial information (ie., type of loan they have to purchase the home, they're lender contact info, etc.).


5) Include an estimated settlement statement based on the offer received so the lender can calculate final costs, including commissions, amount of loan reduced, itemized fees and expenses associated with the sale of the house.


6) The lender will then request a BPO (Broker's Price Opinion) to determine the market value of the home and consider it into their final review before approving the Short Sale.


7) At this point, it could very well have already taken 4-6 weeks and the lender still may not have their final answer if they'll approve the Short Sale.


This is just to give you a basic idea of the Short Sale process. Of course, there are many other details, information, and skills that go into negotiated a Short Sale, which we don't have written here. This website is to provide some general knowledge to better understand the Short Sale process, and not meant to be a step-by-step guide. Please understand, we have to do this to protect our intellectual property and skill on successfully closing Short Sales.


The good news is, having us represent you in a Short Sale, is absolutely FREE to you. Because the bank covers the commissions paid to all parties as part of the closing costs. As a matter of fact, not only are the commissions covered, but most every fee involved in the sale of the home should be covered in the sale.


If you are falling behind in mortgage payments, however, do not wait too long to contact us. Timing is everything when considering a Short Sale and we need every minute we can to make sure your lender approves the Short Sale.



OC Short Sale Specialist

We here at The OC Home Finder Team want to make sure you consider all your options before short selling your home. We also, specialize in Loan Modifications, and Refinancing loans. These are two options that should be considered before moving onto short selling your home. Please take us up on the opportunity for a free in-depth consultation to discuss which options is best for you.

The OC Home Finder Team focuses on being Orange County's most experienced and knowledgeable Short Sale specialists. Our goal is to get your Short Sale approved by the lender and aggressively marketing your home to produce a qualified buyer as soon as possible. We understand this can be a frustrating process for you. That's why we handle every aspect of getting your home sold and approved by the lender, and handle all the communication and negotiations with the lender on your behalf.

The best part is, it doesn't cost you anything. Selling your house in a Short Sale does not, and should not, cost you a dime. The commissions, closing fees, and expenses are negotiated with the bank. Since cost is not your biggest concern to selling your home, what you really should be most concerned with is who is handling the Short Sale for you. Do they understand the Short Sale process? Can they market your home in a way that produces more qualified buyers?

That doesn't go to say that every real estate professional has the experience and knowledge to sell your home in a Short Sale. There are several agents in the industry that do not have the experience of knowing how to handle a Short Sale. This lack of knowledge and experience can hurt the sale of your home and create unnecessary delays to getting the Short Sale approved by the lender and successfully closed. Plus, lenders are extremely overwhelmed with the number of Short Sales being filed that they are literally burning the midnight oil to process all the requests and files. They do not have time to waste reviewing a short sale file if the offer is not from a qualified buyer, or the Short Sale package is incomplete. This is why having experience with the Short Sale process is so important.

The OC Home Finder Team goes to great lengths to stay on top of this ever changing real estate market. We understand that in a competitive market such as this, that knowledge, experience and marketing is the key to successfully selling a Short Sale.

The OC Home Finder Team is lead by our Broker associate, Shan Roberts. With his several years' experience and vast knowledge in real estate law and marketing Short Sales, you can be assured that you're gaining a huge advantage in selling your home with a Broker versus a mere agent. Plus, Sarah Piazza, with her experience in the lending industry and real estate sales, understands how lenders work and knows exactly what they want. She's familiar with the lender's protocol for processing a Short Sale and provides everything they need in a timely manner so that your Short Sale can be approved in the most efficient manner possible.

In addition to our Short Sale experience, we have a powerful marketing plan to make your home get the qualified buyers it needs to sell. Short sales are not the rare find in this market like they use to be. In fact, 7 out of 10 listings on the market today are either Short Sale or REO. It is not enough to think that just because a home is a Short Sale that it will instantly get the attention it needs to get a qualified buyer quickly. Some agents still think that just putting the words "Short Sale" in the MLS will draw enough interest to the property and not have to do any other marketing.

We have over 30 real estate websites that generate interested buyers from all over the nation. We work hard to make sure these sites are highly engineered to rank well on the search engines, as well as easy to navigate so that buyers feel comfortable using our sites. With over 80% of buyers beginning their search for a home on the internet, it is so important to have a strong internet presence. With our well designed real estate websites, we are the #1 Internet Realtors in Orange County and receive over 500,000 visitors a month.

You only have once chance to get your house approved for a Short Sale and it's off to foreclosure. We understand how important it is to you to do everything possible to sell your home and make sure it all gets done in an efficient manner. So, let us help you take the stress out of the Short Sale process. We can start by finding out what your home is worth followed by a quick consultation of your financial situation. And, together we can develop an individual plan on how to successfully approach the Short Sale process.

Free Consultation

We here at The OC Home Finder Team wants to make sure you consider all your options before short selling your home. First you should try working out a modification with the bank, if you already been there done that we can move onto short selling your property. Please take us up on the opportunity for a free in-depth consultation to discuss which options is best for you. Feel free to contact us today at 949-391-5091 for your free, no obligation, consultation to see which option is best for you.

About US

We area a team of Brokers, Agents, Lenders, Escrow Officers, Mortgage Processors, Title Reps and Marketing experts who work the entire Orange County area. By keeping a close knit team, we are able to offer better service at a discount price. The OC Homefinder team was developed by Shan Roberts back in 2001 from a a single website. As our business grew we added more and more website. At the height of the real estate market we had over 70 website.  With the huge onset of clients the team needed to be expanded. We seek out to find real estate professionals that would give the same quality of service. This became the OC Homefinder Team.  Besides having some of the greatest agents in Orange County working with us, we have also started offering lending services. We have also built some great relationships with Escrow and Title companies. By doing the volume we do with these companies, and having strong relationships, gives you, as one of our clients, a definite edge that you won't get with most other Agents.

About Shan Roberts

Hi, I am Shan Roberts broker for The OC Homefinder Team.  We custom designed this website to be dedicated to OC Short Sales Real Estate information. I have included all the tools and information you will need in getting started with the first steps of the process of  buying or selling your OC Short Sales home.

With well over 16 years of experience in selling homes here in OC Short Sales,  I live, breathe and love this business. I believe finding a home should be a fun, easy and exciting adventure. Let me show you how working with the right agent will take the stress out purchasing your next home.

When you ready to start working with an agent, I would hope you will consider our team in helping you with the purchase and or sell of your home.  By using our website, MLS search, tools and information we have already begun to help you with your home buying and selling process. So please give us a call when your ready to take that next step. Call 949-391-5091


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We are always expanding our city information on OC Short Sales, so make sure to check back frequently to see changes to photos, videos, statistics, school ranking and home sales.


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